Students graduating from Catholic University with a degree in Physics possess skills that are in demand in many career areas. Our programs prepare students for positions as professional physicists, as well as for postgraduate study in physics and allied fields. More than 90 percent of recent graduates have continued their education, the majority of these working toward doctorates in physics and others pursuing advanced degrees in computer science, medicine or law.

The skills gained through our programs — developing and writing research proposals, measuring distances/relationships, performing  calculations, identify/classify materials, summarizing research findings, observing and analyzing data, preparing technical reports, utilizing math formulas, and draw meaningful conclusions — are strengths that can be applied in any field.

  • The faculty and staff in the Physics Department will guide you toward internships, career-oriented research opportunities, and graduate school possibilities.
  • The Center for Academic and Career Success will help you create a customized action plan, consider career options, work with you to develop your résumé and cover letter, and assist you with the job-search process.
  • Our active alumni network will help you make the connections you will need to get your career off to a great start.

A recent survey of 2017 graduates found that 94 percent were either employed, in graduate school or volunteering, earning an average salary of $51,531 within six months of graduation. More than 80 percent completed at least one internship during their undergraduate experience, and more than half completed two or more internships. Learn more about student outcomes.

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    Academic and Career Success

    Our trained advisors are ready to help you get on track toward your career goals from the first day you set foot on campus. 

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