The Department of Physics has programs of study and research in theoretical and experimental physics. Research programs stress the areas of nuclear physics, biophysics and condensed matter and low temperature physics as well as astrophysics and materials science.

The department is housed in Hannan Hall. This modern 8,000 square meter facility contains lecture rooms, office, and library facilities, and is equipped with research laboratories for work in spectroscopy, solid state physics, lasers, penetrating radiation, nanophysics, biophysics and cryogenics.

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    Undergraduate Programs

    The Physics Department offers undergraduate physics majors the best of both worlds: the close personal attention found at a small liberal arts college, and the research opportunities and facilities typical of a large research university.

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    Graduate Programs

    The Department of Physics offers programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. These degrees are designed to prepare the candidate for a career in industry or academia.

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    The Department of Physics offers undergraduate and graduate courses.

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