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    Dr. Dutta teaches Materials Science and solid state physics courses. His research focus is in the application of nanotechnology for clean energy generation from waste heat and development of fourth generation solar cells. In the course of his research activities, Dr. Dutta has developed active collaboration with Army Research Laboratory, NIST, University of Maryland and Georgia Institute of Technology. Research areas of interest comprise: i) semiconductor nanowire-based thermoelectric generators, ii) micro/nanowire based solar cells, iii) fabrication of solar cells by chemical bath deposition, iv) charge transport and magnetic properties of non-crystalline materials and v) thermoelectricity in ceramic oxides.

    Representative Publications

    • S. Annamalai, J. Battogtokh, R.P. Bhatta, I.L. Pegg and B. Dutta, “Thermopower Measurements in 1-d Semiconductor Systems,” Advances in Energy Materials: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 205, 135 – 144, June 2009.
    • B. Dutta, I.L. Pegg, R.K. Mohr and J.Battogtokh, “Method of drawing a glass clad multicore lead telluride wire,” Patent No. US 7,530,239 B2 (2009).
    • B. Dutta, I.L. Pegg, R.K. Mohr and J.Battogtokh, “Methods of drawing high density nanowire arrays in a glassy matrix,” Patent No. US 7,559,215 B2 (2009).
    • R.P. Bhatta, S. Annamalai, I.L. Pegg and B. Dutta, “The effect of Fe2O3 addition on the thermoelectric properties of CaRuO3,” Energy Materials, Proceedings of the MS&T 09 conference, Pittsburgh, PA, pp 253 – 264, October 2009.
    • S. Annamalai, I. Vidensky, I.L. Pegg and B.Dutta, "Effect of cation stoichiometry on the transport properties of calcium ruthenium oxide ceramics," J. Matls. Sc., 43:4996-5004 (2008).
    • B. Dutta, B. Zuberi and others, “An extruded porous substrate and products using the same,” Patent application 11/323,429, United States Patent and Trademark Office by GEO2 Technologies, Inc., Woburn, MA (2007).
    • B. Dutta, J. Battogtokh, D. McKewon, I. Vidensky, I.L. Pegg “Thermoelectric Properties of NaCo2-xFex,” J. Electronic Matls. 36, 7, 746-752 (2007).
    • Biprodas Dutta, Niveen A. Fahmy and Ian L. Pegg, “Effect of Mixed Transition-Metal Ions in Glasses. Part III. The P2O5-V2O5-MnO System,” J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 352, 2100-2108 (2006).