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  • Experimental space physics
  • Space instrument design
  • Theory of complexity
  • Statistical mechanics of turbulent media
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    Dr. Vadim M. Uritsky received his Ph.D. in Space Physics and Geophysics from St. Petersburg State University, Russia in 1998. In 1999-2001, he held a postdoctoral research position at NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD. In 2002-2005, he continued his research as a senior staff scientist at the Institute of Physics of St. Petersburg State University. In 2005, Dr. Uritsky defended his post-doctorate habilitation thesis and was granted the title of Doktor Nauk (Grand Ph.D.), the highest academic qualification in Russian Federation. In 2006 - 2011, Dr. Uritsky was a senior research associate and an adjunct (research) professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Calgary, Canada. In 2011-2013 he was a Research Associate with the Institute for Astrophysics and Computational Sciences operating within the Department of Physics at Catholic University of America (CUA). Since September 2013, V. Uritsky is an Associate Professor in the CUA's Department of Physics.

    Dr. Uritsky is a recipient of several professional awards, including a National Research Council award from the U.S. National Academies. Dr. Uritsky is an expert reviewer for major scientific journals and funding agencies. He participated in international research programs involving CIS, Japan, Germany, Greece, Italy, USA, and has contributed to the organization of international scientific meetings as a session chair/convener, most recently as Chair of the First International Workshop on Small Satellites for Space Weather Research and Forecasting (SSWRF 2017).

    More on Dr. Uritsky's Expertise

    Dr. Uritsky’s main expertise is in the areas of experimental space physics, space instrument design, theory of complexity, and statistical mechanics of turbulent media. He is the first author on 33 peer-reviewed scientific papers (more than 100 publications in total). Over the past ten years, Dr. Uritsky’s research has been funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the European Union’s INTAS program, the U.S. National Research Council, NASA science programs, Canadian Space Agency, and Canada Foundation for Innovation.

    Dr. Uritsky has taught university lecture courses for physics majors, engineers, and interdisciplinary students, including electricity and magnetism, special relativity, subatomic physics, quantum mechanics, scientific programming, digital image processing, experimental space physics, statistical mechanics of complex systems, mathematical physics, space plasma physics, and other subjects.

    Research Interests

    Magnetospheric physics: auroral observations of transient magnetospheric processes; substorm onset triggers and precursors; intermittent turbulence in the solar wind - magnetosphere – ionosphere system; waves and instabilities in auroral arcs; cross-scale coupling in magnetotail plasma; conjugate signatures of localized magnetic reconnection in thin current sheets; analysis and theory of low-frequency plasma sheet oscillations; global predictive models of geomagnetic activity for space weather applications.

    Solar physics: statistical models of solar flares and nanoflares; multiscale topology of photospheric magnetic network and its relation to coronal heating; solar prominences and coronal mass ejections.

    Plasma turbulence and the theory of complexity: scaling and universality in resistive MHD turbulence; self-organized criticality and intermittency in spatially distributed dynamical systems; statistical models of complexity.

    Data analysis and visualization: advanced algorithms of image processing; spatiotemporal pattern recognition; data-derived constraints for satellite instrumentation design.

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