AGN winds in the Chesapeake logo. It represents a spiral galaxy with a sailboat over it.

Thank you everyone for attending and participating in the conference 'AGN Winds on the Chesapeake'. The conference was held in Easton, Maryland, at the historic Tidewater Inn, from Sunday, June 11 - Friday, June 16, 2023, approximately 7 years after the last AGN Winds conference in Jekyll Island, Georgia.

This conference occurred at an opportune time in the field of AGN research. The workhorse observatories, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra, and XMM-Newton, continue to produce new and important results, which will guide the work (and development) of future missions.

Ground-based observations, such as with the Gemini/Integrated Field Unit (IFU), have given new insight into the feeding and feedback processes in AGN. And, the recently-launched James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and the forthcoming X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (XRISM) mission will provide exciting new insights into AGN winds.

This progress warranted a specialized meeting to summarize these developments and promote the discussion and exchange of new ideas.

Specific topics at the conference included:

  • X-ray and UV outflows - absorption line studies
  • NLR/ENLR outflows: kinematics/dynamics
  • Molecular gas outflows and their connection with the X-ray/UV/optical/IR
  • AGN duty cycle: what initiates activity?
  • Negative and/or positive feedback and the AGN/starburst connection
  • Radio mode feedback
  • Physical constraints on the outflowing gas and acceleration mechanisms
  • Feeding and Feedback at high redshift
  • New missions: JWST, XRISM, and in the future, LUVOIR, Lynx, et al.

The talks and posters will soon be available through this website.

Thank you again for joining us and for your participation!

Best regards,

Steve Kraemer on behalf of the SOC

This conference was supported in part by NSF award #2308885