Administrative Catholic University forms in pdf format accompanied with some supplementary instructions about when these forms are needed and what purpose they serve. In general, you should directly fax these forms to the Physics Department, (202) 319-4448.

Frequently Used Forms

Monthly Leave Reports:
Exempt level staff personnel--all full-time researchers--must complete this form monthly, accounting for the total number of hours of leave taken, and fax in a copy to Physics Department by the second working day of the following month. The Physics Department then submits the form to the Payroll Office.

Travel Authorization Form:
Persons whose travel is subsidized through a Catholic University grant must complete and submit this form to the Physics Office at least 15 prior to departure--earlier for those requesting a travel advance (see Travel Advance Agreement). The form informs the Physics Department of the intent and estimated cost of travel. The Physics Department verifies that there is enough money in the grant to cover the estimated cost and forwards the information to the Grants and Contracts Office who encumbers the appropriate funds and later to the Purchasing Department who creates a purchase order number (PO#) for the trip. Also, anyone traveling outside the United States must use a domestic carrier according to the Fly America Act with some limited exceptions.

Travel Advance Agreement:
In addition to the Travel Authorization Form, persons who wish to receive a travel advance to cover already accrued or near pending costs of travel must complete a Travel Advance Agreement. After being into the Physics Office, this form is sent to Accounts Payable who cuts a check. If a traveler wishes to receive an advance is important to allow even more time between the submitting of forms and date of departure.

Travel Expense Report:
An ORIGINAL of this form MUST be submitted. A fax is NOT sufficient! A traveler must mail this form along with all original receipts to the Physics Office within 15 days of completion of a trip. The Grants and Contracts Office later verifies that all travel expenditures are business-related and Accounts Payable usually issues a reimbursement check within 10 business days of receipt of the Travel Expense Report. Delayed submission of this form lowers the likelihood of reimbursement.

The Disclosure form to Implement Catholic University Policy on Conflict of Interest:
ALL NEW AWARDS and INCREMENTAL FUNDING for federal awards will require the completion of the Conflict of Interest Form (and return to Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

Infrequently Used Forms

Application for Faculty Appointment, Recommendation for Faculty Promotion, Recommendation for Term Reappointment, Application for Leave:
It is unlikely that a person will fill out these forms more than once or twice during their time with IACS. No instructions are provided as their use must accompany coaching by the director of IACS, Dr. Fred Bruhweiler.

Vendor Application Form:
If a person is a non-Catholic University employee and wishes to receive reimbursement for goods or services, e.g. payment for a lecture, they must fill out this form. The Physics Department forwards this form to the Accounts Payable office.