The policies for purchasing goods and services can be found at The policy is created to ensure that all purchases in excess of $2500 will give an competitive value for the amount of spent funds. Principal investigators are required to exercise oversight of the financial transactions and status of each grant and contract sufficient to ensure that charges are reasonable and necessary, allowable under the terms and conditions of the award, properly allocated to and among multiple awards and funding sources, and limited to funds awarded for the project. This policy applies to all externally funded research at the university and to all faculty and staff who participate in this research. The Purchasing Department will be in general be in control of the purchases.

Methods of paying for goods and services

  • Bill the University directly with a purchase order (PO)
    • Required for transactions over $1,000
    • For questions on requisitions and PO's - Norman Brown, Purchasing Manager
  • Direct pay form
    • Payments less than $1,000
    • Not for travel expenditures
    • Must be authorized by a supervisor
  • Procurement Card
    • Transaction limit $1,000
    • Certain vendors and transaction types are prohibited
    • Support for transactions must be submitted with statement to Purchasing each month
    • Transactions load daily into default DEPTID for card
    • Grants and Contacts does monthly reclassification entry to transfer charges to appropriate grant