President: Steven R. FEDERMAN (USA)
Vice President: Glenn M. WAHLGREN (USA)

Scientific Organizing Committee

Our commission's usual practice is for a member to serve for six years. Exceptions are made for officers. The number in parentheses is the year service on the Organizing Committee began.

  • Milan DIMITRIJEVIC, Serbia (2006)
  • Steven R. FEDERMAN, USA (2000) Vice President, 2003-2006; President, 2006-2009
  • Alain JORISSEN, Belgium (2006)
  • Sveneric JOHANSSON, SWE (1994) Vice President, 2000-2003; President, 2003-2006
  • Lyudmilla MASHONKINA, Russia (2006)
  • Farid SALAMA, USA (2006)
  • Jonathan TENNYSON, UK (2006)
  • Ewine van DISHOECK, Netherlands (2006)
  • Glenn M. WAHLGREN, USA (2003) Secretary, 2003-2006; Vice President, 2006-2009

Working Groups

Atomic Data Working Group
Chairpersons: G. NAVE, G.M. WAHLGREN, J. FUHR

Collision Processes Working Group
Chairpersons: P.C. STANCIL, G. PEACH

Molecular Data Working Group
Chairperson: J. BLACK

Solids and Their Surfaces Working Group
Chairperson: G. VIDALI