Projects at Jefferson Lab to advance our understanding of the atom's nucleus

  • Creating 3D images of hadrons
    • Ongoing experiments at Jefferson Lab (2023/24): E12-13-010/E12-13-007
    • Completed experiments: E12-09-011 (KaonLT), E12-19-006 (PionLT)
  • Meson Spectroscopy
  • Artificial Intelligence assisted detector and experiment design
    • Ongoing project: A scalable and distributed AI-assisted Detector Design for the EIC (AID2E)
  • Construction of novel subatomic particle detectors
    • Completed projects:
      • SHMS Aerogel Cherenkov (supported by NSF MRI) - in operation since 2015
      • Neutral Particle Spectrometer (supported by NSF MRI) - in operation since 2023

Projects at the Electron Ion Collider to unlock the secrets of the strongest force in Nature

  • Meson Structure Functions
    • Recent publications: (List)
  • Development of novel materials and construction of novel particle detectors (EEEMCAL, DIRC)
    • Ongoing project: EEEMCAL - a lead tungstate based precision electromagnetic calorimeter
    • Ongoing project: scintillating glass development
  • AI4EIC (Link)
    • 2023 Annual Workshop at CUA (Link)