Who: PI (Principal Investigator) or Designee (with Cardinal Financials Access)

When: At any time necessary

Step 1

-Go to https://cardinalfinancials.cua.edu/psp/fsprd/?cmd=login 
-Log in with Catholic University username (Catholic University email address) and password

  • If you do not know your username please contact your department
  • If you do not know or have lost your password you can reset here: https://computing.cua.edu/password/index.cfm 
  • If you do not have Cardinal Financials Access contact your Department/Budget Manager

Step 2

Under “Menu” towards the bottom of the landing page select “Reporting Tools”

Step 3

In the far right box/folder select “Define Scope”

Step 4

In the “Report Scope” Field put “1grant”

Step 5

Hit the “Search” button

Step 6

On this page remove any six digit org/grant numbers already in the field(s) under “select value” then put in the six digit org/grant number you wish to run a report for.
  • You may run more than one report at a time by using the “+” button to add an additional lines or run only one by using the “-” to remove any access lines

Step 7

Hit the “save” button and then the “report request button”

Step 8

Hit the “save” button again and then the “run report” button

  • On this page you may select a different date to run the report as of if you are trying to look at what a org/grant looked like in the past but most of the time “today’s date”, which is the default, is what you want

Step 9

Wait a moment or two on this page before hitting the “refresh” button in the top right corner of the page. You may need to hit this button a few time over the next minute or two before the report populates

Step 10

Once the report you are looking for populates it will be a blue hyperlink. You can click the org/grant number you ran from the report list and it will automatically download the report.