Biofabrication and Polarimetry:
a bridge between Engineering and Physics

Christopher Raub

The Catholic University of America

Wed, September 28, 2022 - 4:00 PM
108 Hannan Hall 
and online via  Zoom:
Meeting ID: 890 8556 1122
Passcode: 918639  christopher_raub_dsc_3185-f-1.png

Biomacromolecules provide scaffolds and templates for cells, making tissues. Nanostructural and microstructural order in biomacromolecules also confers optical polarization properties to tissues: retardance, dichroism and depolarization. To repair and replace tissues, engineers use various fabrication techniques to make tissue constructs closer to native cellularity, microstructure, and mechanical properties. These properties guide tissue development and direct tissue function. Therefore, a clear bridge between physics and bioengineering exists through optical imaging of tissue and tissue construct polarization properties. Three types of optical imaging of tissue polarization properties will be presented, including recent data from tissues and biofabricated constructs. Further discussion will center on future developments connecting biofabrication and imaging of birefringence and related optical signals.

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