Solar-Terrestrial Observer for the Response of the Magnetosphere (STORM)

D. G. Sibeck

Heliophysics Division
Greenbelt, Maryland 

Wed, October 26, 2022 - 4:00 PM
Hannan 108 AND on ZOOM  

davidseibeck-sm.pngSTORM, the Solar Terrestrial Observer for the Response of the Magnetosphere, is a recently proposed Medium Class Explorer mission. STORM would be a self-standing mission in a high-inclination circular orbit with a radius of 30 Earth radii that takes its own solar wind measurements and ground-based observations of the aurora whilst remotely imaging the dayside magnetosheath and magnetopause in soft X-rays, the auroral ovals in far ultraviolet, the ring current in energetic neutral atoms, and the exosphere in Lyman-α. STORM’s central goal is to quantify the flow of solar wind mass, energy, and momentum through the magnetosphere from start to end, helping us to understand and predict space weather. This presentation describes the proposal process, including how science objectives drove mission design. 

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